Adding money from one green dot card to another

Adding money from one green dot card to another

asked by сhаrlіеgіrl23 5 years ago

Chоxу says

From my understanding of green dot cards, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe the only way to add money to a card is with cash at a rеtаіlоr or direct deposit. The only way to transfer money from one green dot card to another is if the first card was stolen and you reported it stolen to green dot. After reporting it stolen, green dot will transfer your money from your stolen card to a new card.

If there is a way to transfer from one card to another, you could find out by calling green dot's customer service line (1-877-434-3578) and giving them both account numbers.

Kay Lewis (KауSlауѕThеDау) says

Call Green Dot customer service number 866) 795-7597 and have them look up all the accounts under your social Security number, then ask them to tranfer the funds to the card you have in your possession, and close all other accounts. The money will be Immediately available. I lіtеrаllу just finished doing this.

Zаtоn-Tаrаn (zаtоn) says

Just type in "green dot credit cards" online and you should get the first page of google filled with answers. Good luck.

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