Are The Medicare Advantage Plans Required With The Original Medicare?


The old age, like he childhood, requires much attention and care. To remain hale and hearty during the final stage of life, people should make efficient arrangements for safety and care at an early age. And, having a full-fledged health insurance plan is one of the wisest investments for the old age. That is why if you are drawing near 65 years of age, you can definitely go for having the Medicare plans.

Now, the may have heard of the great advantage medical schemes as well. Here, you need to understand that the Medicare Advantage Plans cover only the payments you are required to pay on your own irrespective of having the Original Medicare plan. These may include the copayments, charges for the coinsurance policy, and the deductibles. It may seem like an optional choice but you need to gather comprehensive knowledge about these additional schemes in order to secure your future.

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Problems you may face for not having Medicare Advantage Plans

Despite being the buyer of the Medicare plans, you are likely to face unexpected situations where at the moment of a medical emergency, you see that some of the payments have to be made by yourself. You may not have loose cash at that moment or may not be in a condition to bear the expense. Medicare Advantage Plans help you exactly in such situations. The gaps or lacks of the Original Medicare plans are covered by these advantageary plans. In addition to that, you may need to go abroad for recreational or professional purposes and, if you need medical support there outside of your state or country, only these advantageary plans can provide you with the same. Last but not least, the advantageary plans do not end. Until you stop giving the premium payment, you will be provided with all of the additional services covered by these plans.

Areas where the Medicare Advantage Plans won’t work

Apart from being sufficiently beneficial, there are some drawbacks of the advantageal insurance plans. Having any of the Medicare Advantage Plans will not provide you with monetary backup for prescription drugs. Patients in need of prolonged medical care services will not derive any benefit from these plans. Added to that, such plans do not provide coverage for patients of dental/optical/olfactory problems. People who are currently obtaining the Medicare Advantage Plans are not eligible for buying the advantage plans.

So, the entire picture of the necessity and the shortcoming of the advantage plans has been presented before you. Decide according to your need only.